Fashion - An Inseparable Part of Life

FASHION!!! Can you imagine your life without it? Oh no, absolutely not. Today's world and younger generations are highly influenced by fashion via media, magazines, newspaper, internet and films. Many of us must have questioned themselves once in their life time as to how to look handsome, isn't it? To look beautiful is a dream of every guy and particularly girls emphasize greatly to look younger than their age. It's a part of life and one cannot ignore these facts.

So, finally I'll arrive to that point that you are awaiting to read further. Some simple, but valuable tips to look beautiful and glowing are given below.

1. If you desire to look beautiful, then you must think beautiful because ultimately you are what you think. You facial expressions and physique strongly claim what you think.

2. Keep yourself hydrated by consuming up to eight to ten glasses of water a day. This will not only keep you hydrated, but also help in flushing out the extra toxins form the body.

3. Avoid using chemical products to your maximum that can cause damage and harm to the skin, may be not immediately but after sometime. Avoid using products having chemical history and try to go for natural and herbal products that do not have any side effects.

4. Sunrays contain harmful UV rays that result into several skin diseases and tanning. I know that it's impossible to avoid going in the sun, but then you may apply some tricks to avoid the UV rays from reaching your body. You can use an umbrella, a cap, sunscreen lotion, etc before going in the sun and also wear sun glasses to save the eyes.

5. Apply good quality moisturizer twice to your face in a week. This will moisturize the facial skin and you will notice great difference in the texture of your skin.

6. To look beautiful, eating the right food is also a good key. Avoid junk and fast foods that accelerates skin aging. Rather go for fruits, vegetables, natural drinks and a complete balanced diet.

7. For beautiful looks and skin, it is also important to practice yoga, exercises, and meditation on a regular basis. This increases blood circulation in the body, thereby bringing more oxygen to the skin.

Apart from these, you should be always updated and familiarized about the upcoming fashion trends. Try to match yourself with these trends to keep up with the society. Develop your own personal style that will help you to make a good first impression. For this:

* Dress properly

* Update your hairstyle regularly

* Invest in proper skin care products

* Wear a well selected/ unique coat or a cute hat

* Jewelry can enhance your looks occasionally

* Fashion footwear can uplift your personality

* Carry a designer purse, mobile cover or a pouch

Last but not the least, be yourself. Fashion does come and go, but it's you who will decide what is comfortable, suitable and affordable to you and then you may follow whatever suits you in all prospects!